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From take-off to landing 

Offering helicopter enthusiasts & pilots a “total experience”We’ve been selling helicopters mostly to private owners, joining them on their journey from the helicopter factory to their backyard helipad. 150+ helicopter trips took place prior to our 2015 launch.

Our helicopter expertise to its finest. After several helicopter trips; LAX to NYC, Cayman Islands to Miami, Moscow to St-Petersburg, we noticed an interest for pilots to explore new flying grounds. It’s a fun, affordable & memorable way to experiencing true freedom. Since 2015, we have extended our offering to include unforgettable experiences to non-pilots. Having the chance to capture and live the thrill only a helicopter can provide. It’s accessible and fun!

Always discovering new horizons. Never stop exploring other eras of enjoying a private helicopter to enhance your travel experiences. “I’m dedicating this to celebrating the helicopter fun!”

Helicopter Trip Well-designed routes perfected for your enjoyment! “If you’re looking for a different kind of adventure, if you want to discover new landscapes, if you want to live unrestrained by roads and boundaries… the sky awaits the few who thirst adventure.”

Where your dream trip comes true.
Create Your Moments.

Mike Boutin
Founder, Moment Creator

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Born and raised in Montreal, Canada until his early teens, Michael moved to the United-States to play competitive sports through college (NCAA). Hard work and long hours taught discipline and persistence: life lessons that helped him become the man he is today! He has been in the helicopter business for as long as he can remember. Now in his 30s he is fully embracing his passion for helicopters.

More than 10 years ago, he completed his professional helicopter license. He spent 5 years working at Robinson Helicopter Authorized Dealership supporting international selling & buying process helped sharpen his people and business skills. Rated on H130, H125, H120 & all Robinson Helicopter product lines allowed him to fully understand what is the ideal private helicopter. 


The destination marks the end of the journey… but how you get there, that’s the real journey!”


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Successful entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience. Mergers and acquisitions expert. Business turnover specialist. Took his own company on the stock market in 1985. Professional helicopter pilot with over 4,000 hours. Rated on the H130, H125, H120, Bell 407, Bell 206, Hughes 300, Hughes 500 & all Robinson Helicopter product line.

«Hope to see you among our adventurers»

Creative director, filmmaker

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Born and raised in Mexico City until his late teens, Abraham moved to Argentina in order to study advertising. He learned new communication skills in order to create, generate and distribute creative solutions that helps brands connect with people. He later attended the Escuela de cinema de Barcelona (ECIB) located in Spain to follow his passion for cinema. He developed a network of other competent filmmakers; producers, directors, scriptwriters and sound designers. 


In 2015, he moved to Montreal, Canada where he came armed with a sharp mind, strong visual skills, a hard-working attitude and a questionable sense of humor. Finally, he founded AMR Studio in order to pursuit his lifelong dream. He has made over a thousand films for different enterprises but really enjoys aerial videography.


“Hope y’all enjoy our videos”


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From Montreal, Canada, Bruno is a project manager at Sednove


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